NMUF: New Media United Foundation

The New Media United Foundation or New Media Underground Festival [NMUF] is a non-profit network of digital media artists/developers which operates in the open.source spirit of net_CULTURE as a non-profit, knowledge-sharing organization. NMUF organize meetings, presentations, workshops, roundtable discussions and exhibitions in an inspiring, informal festival environment.

History: The NMUF was formed in November 2001 when Flash Forward in London asked 800 Pounds at the door, making it impossible for freelances, students and independent artists to go to the festival. In response a 'shadow' festival was organised through Joshua Davis' community site dreamless that called on Flash Forward speakers to do presentations for free. The result was a 3-day festival where an international group of a few hundred artists shared their knowledge at various informal venues around London. NMUF was born.

Because of the positive reactions the group continued organizing festivals in San Francisco (US), Cape Town (SA), Barcelona (SP), and NYC (US). All festivals were organized by several groups of artists from all over the world using the Internet as communication tool.

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